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Здравствуйте, сегодня у нас небольшой топик по английскому языку  на тему жанры в фильмах. Точнее мы поговорим о таком жанре кино, как комедия. К этому жанру относятся фильмы, которые ставят целью рассмешить зрителя, вызвать улыбку, и улучшить настроение. Комедия — один из основных жанров кинофильмов, который возник  почти одновременно с возникновением и самого  кинематографа. Первые комедийные фильмы были немые, но вопреки этому они пользовались большой популярностью у зрителей даже после появления звука. Самым известным комиком из эпохи немого кино был Чарли Чаплин.

Начать можно со слов: My favorite cinema genre is …(a comedy). I like it because it makes me feel good. Etc…

The comedy film is the most popular genre

The major film genres developed in the United States. The comedy genre can be considered the oldest film genre (and one of the most prolific and popular). Comedy film is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour. Comedies are mostly light-hearted dramas and are made to amuse and entertain the audiences. They are designed to elicit laughter from the audience.  The comedy genre humorously exaggerate situations, the way of speaking, the action and characters. Films in this style traditionally have a happy ending (the black comedy being an exception). One of the oldest genres in film, some of the very first silent movies were comedies. Comedy was ideal for the early silent films, as it was dependent on visual action and physical humour rather than sound. Comedies observe the deficiencies, foibles, and frustrations of life, providing merriment and a momentary escape from day-to-day life. They usually have happy endings, although the humor may have a serious or pessimistic side. Comedies usually come in two general formats: comedian-led (with well-timed gags, jokes, or sketches) and situation-comedies that are told within a narrative. Both comedy elements may appear together and/or overlap. Comedy hybrids commonly exist with other major genres, such as musical-comedy, horror-comedy, and comedy-thriller. Comedies have also been classified in various subgenres, such as romantic comedy, crime/caper comedy, sports comedy, teen or coming-of-age comedy, social-class comedy, military comedy, fish-out-of-water comedy, and gross-out comedy. There are also many different kinds, types, or forms of comedy, including:

  • Slapstick
  • Deadpan
  • Verbal comedy
  • Screwball
  • Black or Dark Comedy
  • Parody or Spoof — also Satire, Lampoon and Farce

In many comedies, there is much overlap with the category of ‘farce’, since the term has now been broadened and extended (from the early part of the 20th century) beyond its origins and roots in silent film (and early talkies) comedy (Charlie Chaplin, he emphasized the development of character and plot structure, in contrast to the simple reliance on gags and gimmicks that characterized the work of other comedy producers of the day), and the works of The Three Stooges. Now, farces — and farcical elements in films, may include fairly outrageous plots, unlikely and absurd circumstances, frantic-paced action, mistaken identities, a major transgression or hidden secret (i.e., often an extra-marital infidelity) sometimes based upon a misunderstanding, and lots of verbal humor, absurdities and physical slapstick, often with a concluding chase scene of some kind.


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